Fast Grass provides hydroseeding, hydromulching, dust suppression and erosion control solutions to residential, commercial and civil sites across South Australia.

We use an innovative seeding process incorporating various mulches, seed, fertiliser and polymer binder to create stunning grass areas, with very little fuss at low cost.

Fast Grass has been serving South Australia for over 30 years. We provide all things ‘Spray on Lawn.’ From customised lawn blends, to pre and post hydroseeding care. Fast Grass is an effective low cost alternative to instant turf and is perfect for lawn, dust suppression, erosion control and native seed.

Whether you’re a homeowner, large council, civil site or school, we guarantee that you will get the very best results from us. No job is too big or too small.

We have state-of-the-art machinery that can service any sized project.

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Free Measure and Quote - Fast Grass - Spray on Lawn, Hydroseeding, Dust Suppression | South Australia

Free measure and Quote

Fast Grass come to you for a free measure, quote and site analysis. We can use products provided by you or give advice on the most suitable options for your situation and scenario.

Fast Grass - Spray on Lawn, Hydroseeding, Dust Suppression | Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Fast Grass uses environmentally, recycled, sustainable products with special additives that enable less water requirements than traditional lawn seeding processes.

Reliable and Trustworthy - Fast Grass - Spray on Lawn, Hydroseeding, Dust Suppression | South Australia

Reliable and Trustworthy

Fast Grass is a reliable and trustworthy, family owned and operated South Australian Business that has been in operation since 1998.


Hydroseeding is the process of seeding a lawn using a mixture of seed, mulch, fertiliser, binding agents and water. The mixture is applied to the surface at high pressure using a hydroseeder, which delivers the slurry with an even spread. The result is fast, effective seed germination. It is a highly efficient, high quality solution for seeding a lawn. In many cases you will see new lawn sprouting in less than 2 weeks.

For larger areas, hydroseeding is a significantly more cost effective solution than instant turf. You can expect a fully established lawn, ready for its first mow within 5-8 weeks after hydroseeding.

The benefits of hydroseeding include prevention of soil erosion and dust suppression.

Mulch is added to the mixture to provide a protective blanket and maintaining moisture content for the seed, holding it in place on the soil and assisting in germination. This means hydroseeding is often far more efficient and reliable than instant turf for areas with hills and slopes.

Different Hydroseeding mixtures (or slurries) can be developed to best suit the the time of year, environment, soil quality and preparation and local climate. Different seed can be selected based on factors such as aesthetics, durability and exposure to the natural elements.

For more information you can visit our FAQ page.


Hydromulching is extremely effective for erosion control and dust suppression. The main difference between hydroseeding and hydromulching is the modifications to the slurry mixture for the intended purposes of erosion management and dust suppression.

Common cases for the use of hydromulching for erosion management include river and creek banks, quarries, mine sites, sides of hills and drains.

The hydromulch is sprayed over the area prone to erosion or the area already suffering from erosion. The binding agent holds the product in place so the seed (of whichever variety is requested) has time to establish its roots and prevent the ground from further erosion. 

This is also useful on areas where it may be dangerous or difficult to access on foot due to our ability to apply slurry up to 50 metres away from the machine.

Hydromulch for long term dust suppression is long lasting and far more cost effective. The process is much the same as for lawns. It can be done with or without seed depending on the future use of the land. Hydromulching eliminates dust problems for up to 6 months.

Fast Grass can provide you with an environmentally friendly dust suppression solution, as this method of application requires less water usage.

For more information you can visit our FAQ page.

4 weeks ago

Fast Grass The Spray On Lawn Specialist
Fast Grass team recently carried out stage 1 of the lawn installation for The District Council of Franklin Harbour new foreshore redevelopment. A great investment for the locals and visitors alike. Not a bad place to work and explore for the team while visiting the beautiful Eyre Peninsula #Covered #sprayonlawn #FASTGRASS #greenlawn #hydroseedingspecialists #hydroseeding #evergreen #Lawn #grass #costeffective #eyrepeninsula #cowell ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

Fast Grass The Spray On Lawn Specialist
Back to do another 11,500sqm of Pro Roadside blend at Mt Gambier on a sound mound for future earthworks and construction.#Covered #sprayonlawn #FASTGRASS #hydroseedingspecialists #hydroseeding #grass #dustsuppression #nodust #costeffective #proroadside #mtgambier ... See MoreSee Less
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5 week old Fast Grass EverGreen Lawn blend. We love it when customers are passionate about lawns like we are.Follow the easy steps and get the perfect results:1. Correct organic loam 2. Correct irrigation installation 3. Correct watering regime4. Correct fertiliser timing and rate5. Correct mowing timing and height6. Perfect lush green lawn ✅And all of the above was achieved at the cost of JUST BUYING the roll out turf… not including the cost of laying it… not including the cost of loam… not including the cost of irrigation… save yourself money and get the same results as roll out turf for a fraction of the cost. Visit for a free estimate on a lush lawn for your property. #sprayonlawn #FASTGRASS #greenlawn #hydroseedingspecialists #hydroseeding #evergreen #Lawn #grass #costeffective ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Fast Grass The Spray On Lawn Specialist
The new Angas Recreation Park Upgrades is nearly completed with the Fast Grass team applying a Pro Parks blend of lawn around the new oval Angaston Barossa. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Fast Grass The Spray On Lawn Specialist
Final viewing area of a 16,000sqm job for Greenplay at Ohalloran Hills new Souther Sports Facility due to open on 30th April. This was a custom Drylander blend Spray on Lawn by the Fast Grass team. #sprayonlawn #FASTGRASS #hydroseedingspecialists #hydroseeding #Lawn #grass #costeffective #customblend #southernsport #ohalloranhill ... See MoreSee Less
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