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Fast Grass has been providing lush green, real hydroseeded ‘Spray on Lawns’ to the Adelaide and South Australian community for over 30 years. We provide all things ‘Spray on Lawn’ from lawn care guides providing everything you need to know about soil preparation, irrigation, pre and post hydroseeding care to follow up support if needed.

Fast Grass hydroseeded ‘Spray on Lawn’ is a wet mixture consisting of your choice of lawn seed, mulch, tack and dye that is sprayed onto your prepared and irrigated lawn surface. Our machinery is purpose built to evenly distribute the seed and fertiliser over your lawn area that will avoid patchy uneven germination.
Fully established spray on lawn in Gawler, Adelaide

Here's what some of our clients say
about dealing with Fast Grass.

Aaron and the team at Fast Grass have been fantastic, from first phone call through to spraying of product, friendly, reliable and punctual! Aaron’s advice was honest and informative. The cost was significantly less than I expected (much cheaper than laying turf) and the transformation of the garden (large, steep, hillside garden with terraces carved out by earthworks) in a matter of weeks has been incredible. The attached photos are 4 weeks post spraying onto bare earth.
Tabitha Healey.

Why choose a Fast Grass 'Spray on Lawn'?

Spray on lawn application in Cudlee Creek, east of Adelaide
  • More cost effective compared to instant lawn
  • Instantly controls dust/water erosion issues
  • Labour efficient and quickly applied by our team
  • Our purpose built machinery installs the hydroseeding mix into the soil, encouraging rapid seed germination in 7-10 days* (variety dependent – See Lawn Selection page for more information)
  • Provides a covered lawn within 4-6 weeks* (*based on ideal environmental & irrigation conditions)
  • Lawn blend selections available with multiple varieties of lawn seed accommodating year round coverage.
  • The ‘hydromulch’ can hold up to 10x’s its weight in water allowing better water retention, resulting in less water required to germinate the seed
  • the mulch’s water retention quality provides a nurturing growth medium for the seeds to germinate in over the first few weeks of its life.

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Free Measure and Quote

Fast Grass come to you for a free measure, quote and site analysis. We can use products provided by you or give advice on the most suitable options for your situation and scenario.

Environmentally Friendly

Fast Grass uses environmentally, recycled, sustainable products with special additives that enable less water requirements than traditional lawn seeding processes.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Fast Grass is a reliable and trustworthy, family-owned and operated South Australian Business that has been in operation in Adelaide since 1998.


Hydroseeding is the process of seeding a lawn using a mixture of seed, mulch, fertiliser, binding agents and water. The mixture is applied to the surface at high pressure using a hydroseeder, which delivers the slurry with an even spread. The result is fast, effective seed germination. It is a highly efficient, high quality solution for seeding a lawn. In many cases you will see new lawn sprouting in less than 2 weeks.
For larger areas, hydroseeding is a significantly more cost effective solution than instant turf. You can expect a fully established lawn, ready for its first mow within 4-6 weeks after hydroseeding.
The benefits of hydroseeding include prevention of soil erosion and dust suppression
Mulch is added to the mixture to provide a protective blanket and maintaining moisture content for the seed, holding it in place on the soil and assisting in germination. This means hydroseeding is often far more efficient and reliable than instant turf for areas with hills and slopes.
Different Hydroseeding mixtures (or slurries) can be developed to best suit the the time of year, environment, soil quality and preparation and local climate. Different seed can be selected based on factors such as aesthetics, durability and exposure to the natural elements.
For more information you can visit our FAQ page.
A big effort for the team to finish off the last day of a busy week… 9,500sqm lawn around a new oval at Roseworthy SA. #sprayonlawn #FASTGRASS #hydroseedingspecialists #hydroseeding #grass #costeffective #GreenGrass #dustsuppression ... See MoreSee Less
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Another montage of the variety of work we do, the amazing places we get to see and the great people we get to meet. Fast Grass is still trying to paint the world green 1 tank load at a time… and we are a few tank loads in nowadays. Celebrating 4 years of ownership since Aaron & Laura took over the Fast Grass business. Time flys when you enjoy what you do. It’s a massive credit to all the people that work with us and our many customers. We are very fortunate to have amazing staff that have always put in the effort over the years past and present. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Fast Grass The Spray On Lawn Specialist
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2 months ago

Fast Grass The Spray On Lawn Specialist
Nice to collect some freight and check out our work from last season. Some before and after photos. #Covered #sprayonlawn #FASTGRASS #hydroseedingspecialists #hydroseeding #grass #costeffective #FASTGRASS #Kikuyu #GreenGrass #beforeandafter ... See MoreSee Less
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A snippet of what’s been keeping the Fast Grass team busy lately. Painting the world green one tank load at a time. With the end of lawn season looming, we are looking forward moving to a bit of roadside and site revegetation work before winter sets in, then some maintenance and training before spring is upon us and we do it all again. Couldn’t do what we do without our awesome team of people that show up and put in a massive effort when needed and all our customers old and new. #teameffort #Covered #sprayonlawn #fastgrass #hydroseedingspecialists #hydroseeding #grass #costeffective #Kikuyu #greengrass #dustsuppression #nativeseed #sagreat #smallbusiness ... See MoreSee Less
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