Dust Suppression Adelaide

Get fast and effective dust suppression for your Adelaide construction site.

If dust is causing chaos on your Adelaide construction site, Fast Grass can provide your dust suppression solution. Dust coming off your worksite can not only cause a mess but can also pose significant health risks for your workers and the general public. That’s why having proper measures in place to eliminate these risks is essential to any Adelaide construction or industrial site. At Fast Grass, our dust suppression method is unlike traditional water truck methods. It is a biodegradable solution that offers fast and thorough application, delivering quick results. Our process also uses hydromulch or specially designed glue for a longer-lasting solution, making it perfect for both longer and short-term projects. 

When dust becomes an issue on your worksite, choose Fast Grass dust suppression for a fast and environmentally friendly solution. Contact our team today.  

Reduce the dust on your Adelaide work site with long-lasting solutions from Fast Grass.

Fast Grass offers an innovative and environmentally friendly dust suppression solution that reduces dust on your Adelaide worksite for up to 12 months. Our specially formulated spray stops dust from becoming airborne, making our process fast and efficient. Whether you need it for a future site or immediate use, mulch can be applied with or without seed, making it ideal for councils, developers, and civil and earthmoving contractors. Our spray is natural and biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly solution that requires less water usage. Our qualified and efficient team use proven planning and management strategies, providing the capability to cover more than 20,000 sqm+ of area per day. 

Contact Fast Grass today to learn more about our dust suppression solutions and how we can help you with your next project.

Fast Grass - Spray on Lawn, Hydroseeding, Dust Suppression | South Australia
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Dust suppression after photo for one of our Adelaide construction clients

Fast Grass is the trusted name in dust suppression for South Australian industrial sites.

Looking for an effective and long-lasting dust suppression solution in Adelaide? Look no further than Fast Grass! Our solution has been trusted by commercial, landscape, and civil clients across South Australia for over 30 years. At Fast Grass, we pride ourselves on prompt communication and timely job completion, and we are flexible enough to work within your requirements to achieve completion targets and deadlines. Our hydromulch method is much more cost-effective and longer-lasting than the traditional method of using water trucks. With compliant and current WHS, SWMS, Plant Hazard Assessment documentation, and insurance, we ensure the entire process is safe and effective. 

Contact Fast Grass today to experience our fast, cost-effective, environmentally friendly dust suppression solution in Adelaide.