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What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a one pass application of a slurry mixture consisting of specialty mulch, seed, water, and fertilizer, mixed with a biodegradable binder & dye, sprayed directly on to the ground/prepared soil. The hydroseeded slurry is sprayed directly onto the prepared ground, creating an interlocking mat that provides an ideal environment that retains moisture, to aid in germination.

Hydroseeding provides a more economical option to establish a lawn of any size area and will generally provide a full cover lawn within 4-5 weeks of application with the correct amount of irrigation. A hydroseeded lawn is often ½ to ¼ of the cost of a roll-out/instant lawn.

Fast Grass use specially designed machines that mechanically agitate the mixture in a continuous slurry. This machine then has a positive gear drive pump that sprays the mixture through a hose or cannon, onto the ground with specialized spray nozzles to give an even coverage over the site.
The other many benefits of hydroseeding include;

  • efficiency of placement,
  • difficult terrain applications,
  • less equipment to operate vs. traditional methods,
  • reduced labor input, reducing overall cost.

Fast Grass Ever Green lawn mix

Fast coverage Self repairing Green all year round Shade tolerant Cool temperate tolerant

Kikuyu & turf ryegrass

Fast coverage Very high wear tolerance Suited to Full Sun Green all year round Self repairing

Pro Parks with 10% kikuyu (fescue, ryegrass & kikuyu)

Fast coverage  Green all year round Very high ware tolerance Self repairing Sun and Part Shade environment