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Fast Grass is a family owned and operated business that has been servicing South Australians since 1998.

We have a variety of machines that are able to accommodate all requests, from small residential back yards, to large civil sites.

Fast Grass staff members are all White Card accredited and our machines easily pass civil compliance requirements.

Fast Grass provides services such as;

  • Hydroseeding (a seeding process using various mulches, seed, fertilize and polymer binder)
  • Hydromulching
  • Dust Suppression
  • Erosion Management/Revegetation (Native Seed)

There are so many factors to consider when answering this question such as seed, season, irrigation or dryland, topsoil quality.

Generally seed will germinate, under normal conditions, within 10-21 days. You would expect a fully established lawn, ready for its first mow within 5-8 weeks after hydroseeding.

Fast grass love working with clients to help them achieve their dream lawn. Fast Grass specialists will work with you to identify the best hydroseeding lawn mix that will best suit;

  • your location
  • requirement/use
  • irrigation/dry land
  • shade v’s sun coverage
  • budget
  • soil pH and condition
  • and any other specialized requirements that you have.

Fast Grass will either provide an onsite quote or one over the phone.

Once you have agreed to the quote, Fast Grass will communicate with you regarding any soil preparation requirements (including irrigation) and the timing of hydroseeding, working in with your lifestyle and weather conditions.

One thing we do well is communication. We at Fast Grass pride ourselves on clear and constant communication with our clients.

If good quality soil is used and area is prepared properly, the lawn will last indefinitely, provided it gets consistent water and a yearly fertilising. Ask Fast Grass about fertiliser suggestions.

Naturally, the best time to hydroseed absolutely depends on your climate. The ideal time is when it is cool but not cold, and you are expecting a reasonable amount of rainfall. The rain will help reduce the costs of watering. Autumn and spring are widely accepted as the best times of year to install a lawn. Installing a lawn in early Autumn gives the lawn time to establish before winter sets in. The lawn will go dormant in the winter and then have the rain and cooler temperatures of spring to give it a good start before our hot Australian summer.

Similarly, taking advantage of spring rains and cooler temperatures makes for very good growing conditions. The disadvantage is that if spring is followed by a hot summer, it may take more watering for the first year to keep it alive and thriving in the summer.

YES, it needs fertilizer, occasional deep watering and regular mowing. During peak growing season we suggest mowing, every 1 to 2 weeks, however be sure not to cut more than 1/3 of leaf growth each cut. Please refer to your Fast Grass Lawn Care Guide for mowing recommendations for each variety.

The cost to establish Fast Grass is considerably cheaper.

Not only do you have access to Fast Grass specialist advice pre and post hydroseeding, we come on site with our state of the art machines and hydroseed exactly where you wish lawn to grow. You do not have to be present, you do not have to pay someone to lay turf or do the hard work yourself, we do all the work.

We provide you with a comprehensive lawn care guide for pre and post lawn care, and provide free post hydroseeding lawn care advice and can advice on lawn care products.

Fast Grass machines not only hydroseed (lawns) for residential & commercial properties, we also work with larger Civil & landscaping companies, Local & State councils, schools etc.

Fast Grass machines are industry compliant machines that can be used for dust suppression, erosion management and re-vegetation using native seed.

Please see ‘services’ for detailed information on the above services that Fast Grass can offer.

Alternatively if you have questions regarding other services that Fast Grass offer, please contact us direct at or 0419 855 019

Open the attached link for detailed information about all of the products Fast Grass uses for dust suppression, erosion control, hydromulching and hydro seeding.

Product Guide

Fast Grass provides you with a Lawn Care Guide that outlines with pre hydroseeding information such as irrigation requirements and soil preparation, day of hydroseeding preparation and post hydroseeding care.

If you are not sure what lawn type you should choose, Fast Grass can provide you with a comprehensive Lawn Selection Guide that provides a comprehensive guide to several common hydroseeded lawns, along with the pros and cons for each variety. Our friendly Fast Grass team members are always happy to discuss what best suits your situation.

All clients receive a 4-page comprehensive Fast Grass lawn care guide.

Lawn Care Guide

Lawn Selection Guide

The cost of Hydroseeding/Spray on Lawn depends on many factors, including (but not limited to):

  • seed selection & inclusions
  • size of area to be hydroseeded
  • slope of site (requires high strength product)
  • location
  • soil quality

A general guide for hydroseeded lawn can vary in price between $1.50-$4/sqm. As we work on a sliding scale regarding area size, smaller lawn areas may be priced up to $6/sqm.

*This is a general price guide only, based on services provided around the Adelaide/ Adelaide Hills region. If you live in a regional location expect a travel loading on top of the above rates.

* Fast Grass reserves the right to vary the rates according to product availability, timeframe in which job is required, location and complexity of job.

Contact Fast Grass now to receive your free quote or to discuss your needs with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members.

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